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EMA/ Online Interactive/NSCLC Knowledge for Physicians

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EPG Health Media, developers of e-communication and clinical information solutions for the health sector, today announced the launch of a new interactive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Knowledge Centre within the web-based physician resource www.epgonline.org.

Sanctioned by the European Medical Association (EMA), EPG Online is a free service dedicated to providing Health Care Professionals (HCPs) with up to date access to best practice diagnosis and patient management guidance. This independent service provides access to a range of EU pharmaceutical drug information, disease Knowledge Centers, decision support tools and original medical news content.

The Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Knowledge Centre has been sponsored by F.Hoffmann-La Roche and will broaden the range of existing interactive guides that form part of the EPG Online disease knowledge 'library'. Other guides focus on subjects such as Alzheimer's Disease, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, ADHD, Parkinson's Disease, Migraine, Cervical Cancer, Renal Anaemia and Hypertension.

"During 2008 we will introduce a series of new Oncology disease Knowledge Centres intended to satisfy growing HCP demand for greater depth and quality of online research and educational resources", said Chris Cooper, Managing Director of EPG Health Media.

The Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Knowledge Centre contains practical information on causes, risk factors, symptoms and diagnosis of the disease, as well as advice on treatment strategies for the various stages, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

"This new Knowledge Centre will not only satisfy a known appetite from our users for information on this disease area but will also help them arrive at a more confident diagnosis and more effective treatment strategies for their patients" Chris Cooper stated. "We are grateful to Roche for their support of our services and their shared vision, working with us to communicate important clinical information to our ever growing audience."

EPG Online also provides access to drug databases, safety alerts, drug reviews, evidence based commentary and findings, medical news and journal abstracts. The service is funded through pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and educational grants.

-- Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Knowledge Centre (Log in required)

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(Medical News Today, Lung Cancer, July 27, 2008)


The information contained in these articles may or may not be in agreement with my own opinions. They are not posted as medical advice of any kind.

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