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All these losses

Connie B

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So many losses in such a short time.

As I was coming back from the Livestrong Summit on Sunday I was reflecting on the losses I had gone through in the days before leaving for the Summit.

My Dear Friend lost her son in a motorcycle accident the week of July 15th, then another Dear Friend (Rhonda who is also a member of LCSC) lost her wonderful dad to Lung Cancer that same week, then one of my In Person Lung Cancer Support Group Members lost her battle to lung cancer that same week. So much pain in such a short time. :cry::cry:

As I was coming home on the plane Sunday July 27th, I also remembered how IMPORTANT that day was to me, because that's the day 38 years ago I lost my dad to lung cancer. :cry:

I'm sorry we have all lost so many wonderful loved ones and I pray we will continue to work through these very hard times together.

God Bless Us All.

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I am just so sorry that it never seems to end. I guess as we get older we notice it more but at times it sure seems like all we see is loss.

Take heart Connie there are many here who are still doing very well after many years so the news is not always bad.

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thoughts Prayers Hugs to you and all those around you in a difficult time right now Connie. My heart goes out to All of you going thru some trying times right now and I hope a little sunshine comes your way quick.....

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