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Prayers for our S. CA folks


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We shook pretty good today. I was not too far from the epicenter and the nerves were a bit raw for awhile, but I am happy to report any damage has been minor. As earthquakes go this one was moderate, and will serve as a wake up call to evaluate my earthquake supplies. Already know I need to replace batteries in my flashlights.

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Andrea and babies and hubby ok!! She lost a couple of flower vases but that was the extent of damage!! Thas my update from what I know and have heard!!

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I didn't even feel the shake rattle and roll b/c I was driving, I felt like my car might have had a flat, but had no idea what happened until I pulled into Costco and asked why everyone was outside---stuff fell so they had to evacuate everyone from the store. My dad was pretty shaken up, he was home and felt it :)

As Randy said, lost a vase or two. Some other stuff fell over, but no big deal. Brian (hubby) is proud, he says this shows he did a good job earthquake proofing! My good friend had her china cabinet fall over and stuff like that. No one was hurt thankfully!! It is so easy for something to fall on someone's head during the shaking.

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