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Memory / Support - bracelets


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(*Will be archieved in the BUY NOW! forum after 10 days) Get your order in today!

From member: sharyn

In an effort to raise funds for lung cancer, I have begun making "Memory Bracelets". I made one for myself in my Dad's memory and thought it might be something others would like...

The photo is of my own bracelet.

The 3 swarovski crystals in the middle represent "lung cancer" the two peridot crystals on either side represent my Dads birthstone.

I am also able to include your loved ones initials in silver as a "charm" dangling off the end of the bracelet, or incorporated into the design itself.

The clasp may be either a circle toggle (as shown) or a heart toggle, or a lobster claw whichever you prefer.

I am asking 25.00 per bracelet, with $5.00 going towards Lung Cancer Support.

Of course these can be made for any type of cancer (I am currently making 18 for someone who has been touched by Breast Cancer and of course their beads are Pink Swarovski's).

If you have any questions, you can reach me at sharyn5@aol.com... Thanks!!!

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no your not dense ... i just didn't include very good directions!!! Sorry... you can email me at Sharyn5@aol.com with your request... birthstone color, length of bracelet, clasp, initials etc... I will then tell you where to forward payment .

After I had Katie make the posting for me, it occured to me that these do not only have to be "memory bracelets" but, can be worn in support of someone you love who is battling cancer.... just a thought!! Sharon

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To all of you who have requested bracelets... Here is the info I will need when you email me your request...

Length of bracelet 7", 7.5" or 8"

Type of Clasp: Circle Toggle, Heart Toggle, or Lobster Claw

Initials you would like on the bracelet, and if you don't want any... let me know that too..

Birthstone or Birth Month of the person the bracelet is in support or memory of.

I think thats it ... I have to say I am delighted with your requests. Through word of mouth I am even getting requests for bracelets in honor or support of others who are fighting different types of cancer.... Just awesome!!!!

So... I am busy working away here... spread the word to friends and relatives....

Love you guys!!

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I just had a member write with a good question....

She wanted to know what survivors of LC or any cancer are putting on thier bracelets in lieu of initials....

I did order some sterling silver cancer ribbons (one member requested one) They are charms that would dangle off the side of the bracelet. Unfortunately, I paid more than i would have liked too for them, so if anyone would want one, the cost of the bracelet has to go up just a bit.... You can write me for details...

Keep those orders coming!!!! The first shipment of bracelets left my house yesterday!!

Love, Sharon

PS... Katie will be posting a new pic today of one of our members bracelets with the initials.... THANKS KATIE!!!

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