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LCSC members at the LiveSTRONG Summit 2008

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Town Hall Meeting- Lance Armstrong, John McCain, Paula Zahn

Katie was on stage, back row-second from the right


Lung Cancer survivors/advocates day one.


Lance addresses the delegates at Mershon Hall / Ohio State University


The awesome crowd


Group of survivors at a random hot spot on campus


ConnieB, JanG, KatieB, Jyoung20 (Connie, Jan, Katie, Jamie)


Same folks as above with addition of Radine


LUNGevity Foundation lung cancer survivors and message board members make a presence at the 2008 Lance Armstrong LiveSTRONG Summit 2008 at the Ohio State University July 24-27.

The Summit weekend began with a Thursday night town hall meeting with Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, hosted by CNN’s Paula Zahn and Lance Armstrong. Senator Barak Obama was asked to attend the town hall meeting, but declined due to other commitments.

The entire Mershon Auditorium on the OSU campus was filled with Summit delegates wearing “Vote Yellow” T-shirts to make cancer this election year a national priority. 29 featured advocates and cancer survivors sat onstage to ask Senator McCain about his cancer plan. Director of LUNGevity’s Lung Cancer Support Community, Katie Brown, was among those featured onstage.

While the four day Summit focused on advocacy and grassroots efforts, workshops and training tracks to empower advocates of all cancer types to make cancer a national priority, lung cancer was a subject that came up often in panel discussions and with featured Summit speakers.

Senator McCain commented that he would address lung cancer by putting an emphasis on tobacco cessation and anti-tobacco programs.

Former Surgeon General, Dr. Carmona, was a keynote speaker on the National Call to Action Plan on cancer prevention and survivorship. The National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship addresses these challenges and presented solutions to stimulate action across all sectors of society in the fight against cancer. He spoke about the importance of early detection in relation to a cure.

Dr. Harold Freeman, from the Ralph Lauren Center, was also a keynote speaker who addressed the disparities in healthcare and moral obligation to provide access to those battling cancer who are uninsured and underinsured. He spoke to the Summit crowd about how important it was to implement “what we know about cancer into what we actually do about it.”

From The Ohio State University, Dr. E. Gordon Gee, from CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and from U.S. News and World Report, Dr. Bernadine Healy addressed cancer issues in an open panel discussion.

Dr. Bernadine Healy touched on lung cancer and other cancers who have a “blame” stigma attached and commented that no one deserves to die from cancer and emphasized a need for more research.

Lance Armstrong also spoke on the panel. He spoke of the need for more funding and addressed the disparities in cancer research in terms of certain cancers like lung cancer and that more needed to be done to ensure that cancers as deadly as lung cancer, the leading cancer killer with the highest mortality rates, were allocated enough funds for research and treatment options.

The founder and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Lance Armstrong, closed the weekend by asking the attendees to take what was taught at the Summit into their communities to advance their personal cancer cause and organizations, to ask their political leaders to put the war on cancer on their agendas and to vote accordingly, and thanked all Summit delegates for their 4 day participation.

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Thanks Katie for posting the pictures. Also thanks to all of you who went and advocated for more research money for cancer detection and cures

Donna G

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FYI- Jamie was such a sweetie and even bent down a bit so I wouldn't feel so SHORT in the pictures! HAHA!!

And Jan took a zillion pics with her camera so I can't wait to see her pics and of course Connie was all smiles. It was a great weekend and a great effort on behalf of those touched by cancer and our efforts to make lung cancer a national priority.

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Thanks for posting this. I wish I could have been there, not only to hear what the speakers had to say, but to meet those of you whom I know through this site.

I am happy to hear lung cancer victims spoke up on our behalf. I have had a Lance Armstrong bracelet since my diagnosis and wear it almost daily.

Way to go, Girls and Guys!!!


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