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Does anyone know Elaine from ALCASE?

Guest cbysea1

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Guest cbysea1


A really nice woman by the name of Elaine with ALCASE called me a week or so ago.

In all the whirl pool of the dx.limited sclc and squamous 3rd stage I lost my notes.

She had called me and was so helpful.

I am hoping someone knows her and can ask her to call me.

Thank you so much,

Cheryl_Child of God

dx November 19 /03 with limited sclc and squamous cell cancer 3rd stage

3 treatments of chemo Nov. 24-25-26 /03,

next chemo Dec 12/3 and first radiation Dec 3/03.

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Just call ALCASE at 800-298-2436 and ask to speak to Elaine. Also, you should introduce yourself to Jan Healy, who is second in charge. Tell her Dave Grant told you to call. There are real good people at ALCASE and can be very helpful.

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Guest cbysea1



Thank for directing me to Jan , Dave.

What a sweet ,bright and caring woman she is.She helped me out immediately.

She said to tell you "Hi!".


dxed w/ limited sclc and stage3b squamous cell.

had 1st round of chemo and start radiation monday

I remain safe in the arms of God.


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