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Lung Surgery and Pulmonary Rehabs


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After having lung sugery is it standard practice for the patient to follow up with some kind of physical rehab. I don't remember reading about anyone doing it.

My husband had his lower and middle right lobes removed May 16th, 2008. People that have transplants and people that get LVRS do have to do pulmonary rehab.

I remember meeting Max on this board and he had had surgery in December and was questioning maybe getting into a rehab. He was seeing a new Pulmonary Dr. If he ever posted again about it I missed it but don't think he did.

I just think it would be beneficial. Maybe not if the cancer is back and/or the patient is still doing more chemo. Like my husband is not doing any of that right now. I think it would be good to get him built back up with guidance thru a Pulmonary Rehab program.

Any comments are appreciated. Thanks,

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Mary, now that you mention it, Max hasn't posted in some time. We might have to send the troops out to look for him.

As for Rehab, I think it's a wonderful idea. They never offered any of those things after my surgery many moons ago and I do know some doc's are starting to offer or suggest it. I wish they would have had it back when I had my surgery.

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I did resp rehab once about a year after my lung surgery. I felt it was very beneficial to me.

The program helped me read my body a little better. Before the rehab I had a tendancy to over due it. I would go to the grocery store feeling wonderful and then get half way through the store and couldn't finish shopping because I was too exhausted. Now (ok most of the time) I can guage my energy, breathing capacity and stregth before I end up into trouble.


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Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. We will be looking into this.

Connie; As far as Max goes, I just realized I have his email address. I knew we tried exchanging by PM but something didn't go right. He didn't get mine but I got his. I forgot all about it as was just before my husband's surgery.

I am going to send him an email. I will ask him to check in.

Thanks again.

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