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Getting to know you - Pets / Not of the scan variety


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What kind of pets did you have as a child or have now?

Me then

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, frogs, crabs, alligator(baby one), mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, a squirrel monkey and a snake.

Now - an African Side Neck turtle and a Betta fish.


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Wow! I have mostly stuck to dogs, although not the same breed. I remember my brother had a fish tank for a while. Once I had a parakeet. He and my Rat terrier liked to play on the floor.

Rex- German Shepard

Barron- Rat Terrier

Kenoe- Siberian Husky

Rusty- Airdale Terrier

Mitch- Tricolored Collie

Now have

Rocky - Border Collie-Australian Shepard Dog mix

Sally - Border Collie- Mutt mix

Donna G

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As a kid I turned everything into a pet. We had rabbits, chickens, hamsters, a guinea pig, fish and a few quail whose eggs were tiny and it took tons to make an omelet.

Now I have one weenie dog, 2 pom poms, one bad male kitty and one good female kitty.

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