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NBC10 Has Been Following Patient Being Treated Vit C


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http://www.nbc10.com/health/17098288/de ... psp=health


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New research from the National Institutes of Health has found that vitamin C may help to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors.

According to the research, high-dose injections of vitamin C have reduced tumor growth by half.

The treatment also does not harm healthy cells, which means there are fewer difficult side effects, often experienced with traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

The work was done on mice, but one local doctor said he's successfully used vitamin C treatment on patients for a while.

NBC10 News HealthWatch has been following one of those patients for about a year.

Arlindo Olivera, 59, was told to go home and die after doctors felt there was nothing else they could do to treat his cancer.

Olivera's lung cancer was so advanced it had spread to his brain.

Olivera is currently cancer free.

"My pulmonary doctor told me, whatever you are doing, keep doing it," he said.

Olivera said he believes his cancer is gone because of vitamin C treatment.

"It's working on me from what the doctor says," he said.

Dr. Scott Greenberg said he has successfully treated many people in the local area with vitamin C infusions, including Olivera.

"One patient I had, had a breast mass from breast cancer that was so large it was protruding out of her chest and after a few months of treatment the mass shrunk and went away and it's been over five years now she has had no sign of cancer whatsoever," Greenberg said.

Some doctors said they believe vitamin C treatment works by killing the cancer cells.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health said it may also work as an antioxidant, protecting cells from the damage of free radicals.

"The reason vitamin C works for cancer cells is it produces hydrogen peroxide just like chemotherapy does and that hydrogen peroxide will help and cause oxidative damage to the cancer cell, thus destroying it," Greenberg said.

The National Institutes of Health study treated mice with aggressive brain, ovarian and pancreatic tumors.

Tumor growth and weight was reduced by 41 to 53 percent and the brain cancer stopped spreading.

"We've found it to be very helpful in cases of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung, colon cancer lymphoma and other bone marrow cancer," Greenberg said.

Greenberg said it only works in very high intravenous doses and can be used along with traditional chemo and radiation.

He said it's a valuable option for those who don't respond to other treatment.

"It's not going to work on everybody just like chemo or radiation is not going to work on everybody, but when you have cancer it's certainly worth the effort to do this treatment," Greenberg said.

Olivera continues to be cancer free.

The treatment is not covered by insurance, but costs considerably less than standard chemotherapy or radiation.

It's about $125 per treatment versus several thousand dollars.

. . . . . . . . .

(NBC10, News Health Watch, Source: NIH, August 5, 2008)


The information contained in these articles may or may not be in agreement with my own opinions. They are not posted as medical advice of any kind.

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Thank you, Carole,

[Carole Hammett] I've heard back from SharonJo, including links and have posted info to other article Barb posted on Vitamin C same day, which is located at:

http://lungevity.org/l_community/postin ... ly&t=38259

I copied/pasted the link to Dr. Rosenberg in the News, which was on the page you referenced, just in case someone needed it:


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