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I need help on NSCLC questions!


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Everything has been happening within the last couple days and my mind is going in a million different directions. So my question is...

What questions should my family and I be asking the Dr's?

What are key points that I should make him explain?

Things like that. If you look back to the beginning of your battle or your loved ones battle what are some questions you asked or wish you would have asked? Thank you all in advance and God bless.

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I'm sure someone with more expertise than I will come in and give more but off the top of my head, what kind of NSCLC does she have (for example it could be adenocarcinoma or squamous or???)? How many radiation treatments do they have planned supposing a good tolerance? Do they think it's likely they can shrink the lung tumors enough to do chemo? If so, what chemo drug or combination of chemo drugs would they use?

You are really in the information gathering timeframe right now. They probably don't have definitive answers. But if you know what kind of cancer and the possibility of shrinkage, you can ask Dr West his opinion of any treatment plan. Also, people here can give you information about side effects with radiation and specific chemos.

I you've check the relevant box at the end of your post, you'll get emails when someone responds. If you feel the need to do more. Copy the part of your earlier post here (Ctrl C) about her medical issues and what the doctors have told you so far and go to cancergrace.org and get signed in. Then you can paste it (Ctrl V) in a post there and ask Dr West for his opinion.

We're here for you, Judy in Key West

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Judy you are too sweet.

She has Adnecarcenoma....geez I'm still trying to learn how to say it much less spell it...

The Dr mentioned at first doing 14 radiation for her brain but have since increased it and for the life of me I can't remember what the number is right now...I would have to look it up in the many pages I'm keeping in my notebook.

I'll update some more later this evening after the Dr comes in....

But once again and I can never say it enough...thanks for your reply...it may only take a second or two to type it but it means the world to me so I can be educated on this issue to try to fight for the best care I can get for my Nanny.

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If there are brain mets, then the Drs typically focus on those before doing other treatment

Sometimes stereotactic or cyberknife is used on brain mets. These focus more on the mets versus the whole brain. If there are many mets then usually whole brain radiation is done but also with sterotactic

There is a drug call Temozolomide (Temodar) that is sometimes used for Brain mets

As people said write down any questions you have. Sometimes people will take a tape recorder so they can go over everything later. It is too much information often ot absorb

Often patients with brain mets will be given steroids which have sometimes bad side effects (hyperglycemia (47%), peripheral edema (11%), psychiatric disorder (10%), oropharyngeal candidiasis (7%), Cushing's syndrome (4%), muscular weakness (4%), and pulmonary embolism (2%).

Good luck


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