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Well, My dear hubby has to get a MRI done. Doctor feels he MAY have something in his brain because of eye aches and minor heachaches. He has lost his balance a few times and right ear plugged up last night. I'm so scared, he was doing so well. Prayers Please Thank you! :(

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You and your husband have my prayers for good MRI results. The problems you mentioned could all be related to sinus problems or something else entirely . Hang on to good thoughts and know that in many cases , even if it is brain mets they can be treated successfully. God Bless.



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Thank you.. Thank you!... Yeah the Doctor said alot of it was chemo side effects but what he didn't like was his heachaches and eye aches...I got to thinking he has been sneezing like crazy for a few weeks and I looked up sinus probelms and he fits it. so I have to hold on to that hope. I pray it's that simple. We will know by Fri.

God Bless you all great people

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