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The blessings are in the ripples...

Larry's Wife

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When my dear Larry was in the final round of his battle with cancer, I could only see the stone of cancer thrown into the middle of the pond. During those dark days, I told a dear friend of mine that there were no blessings in this battle. I was truly OK with that, but she wisely counseled me to give it some time and distance. I might yet find some blessings.

Then Larry passed in a most merciful way and I was able to shift my focus from the stone to the ripples it created. I see a boy who has grown into a young man this past year. I see true friends who will continue to love and support us as we journey through life without Larry. I see a church family who has prayed for us, cried for us and continues to support us in innumerable ways. I remember a man who loved his family so much that he made certain to provide for us beyond his death. His legacy is only beginning to be revealed.

So, for the rest of my life, I'm keeping my eyes on the ripples...

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