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CT and MRI results


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Had chemo again yesterday morning so thought with a sleepless night while still feeling somewhat normal I would update quickly because I may not feel like it for a week or so. The MRI showed no conclusive evidence of any new metastatic cancer ... this means I am still on board for a lumbar injection for my ruptured disk on the 18th. The CT scan showed that the cyberknife had eliminated the small tumor they aimed it at .. so the collapsed lung was not in vain. YIPEE!!!! The radiation oncologist wants me back to have PET scan again in a couple of months because I will have about 4 or 6 chemo treatments behind me and then he will determine whether he needs to perform more regular radiation or cyberknife to some area on and around my upper spine. Once again even though my white blood cell count was in the dumpster the insurance denied the Neulasta shot. I guess my doctors office must have gone to bat for me because they really want my white cell counts up when the lumbar injection takes place ... by the end of my 5 hours of chemo I was approved so I go back in tomorrow and get that injection. I drove to Tulsa every day this week and will be so glad to not have to go to town next week unless for other reasons. I will miss you all in chat but have fun without me if I don't make it. :roll:

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Judy -- I doubt if there are very many mainlanders awake at this hour, so let me be the first to congratulate you on the good MRI. Also congrats to your onc and staff for getting the Neulasta approved. I think half of being a good doc these days is knowing how to navigate the insurance and Medicare hurdles. Best wishes and Aloha,


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