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Okay, my mind wanders quite a bit and I can't keep focused. Now it isn't bad and I have been fortunate not to go through chemo or any other treatment. I had surgery and decided to opt out of chemo. I was staged 1b, so not bad for LC, not the greatest but compared to others I have a cake walk (at least right now). I returned to work after 2 months and it has really been weird and more stressfull than before. My boss isn't the best, etc and the stress level is right up there. Not is it just the fact that I know I have lc or is it different because they know that I have lung cancer? Sometimes I think that it would be great to stay home from work and try to enjoy my life. Alright, I would really have to win the mega or super lotto to do this, but I think it might be worth a try. Would I be happier staying at home, I'm still young and need all of the bennies that come with working, paycheck, health and life insurance, etc. What I am getting at does anyone going through this feel like you are looking out and not seeing the same things that everyone else sees? Has anyone that has had a lobectomy had problems with keeping your thoughts focused and not forgetting words etc. I am 4 months out of surgery and I still have issues with forgetfulness, ets.

Oh, and I am having to cope with a husband that suffers a seizure disorder that the doc's can't figure out why and where they are coming from. He has had over 15 of them in the last 2 1/2 years. They behave just like a mini strokes, he forgets who I am and who he is, etc.

Okay, enought of my rambling tis a Friday night and I should be out drinking and carousing, oh well I think I will go watch TV


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hey there Sarah. When I went back to work I found it extremely hard to stay focused as well. I fortunately have a very supportive boss and workplace in general. Life is different though after a cancer diagnosis and a wandering mind would put it very lightly in my case. However I still find work a welcome diversion. Hey, next Friday night go out and carouse instead...I find that a much better distraction myself. And please continue with your musings.


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Oh Boy Kiddo, sounds like your having some big doo doos to deal with.

As for the memory issue, welcome to the world of cancer. :roll: Sorry, but it tends to go hand and hand for a while anyway. Your brain is probably still in the shock mode of this journey. And it's VERY NORMAL to NOT THINK STRAIGHT for at least the first year. But, the good news here, is your normal! (the NEW Normal).

When we're put under for surgeries sometimes it takes a while for our brain to catch up to the healing process. Drugs have a way of doing that too. Pain meds, or what ever, but it's only temporary.

I'm sorry to hear about your hubby. This might sound odd, but could he be having some kind of allergic reaction to something? Someone a long time ago that had a family member that I heard about said this happened to her brothers friend and they learned it was some kind of allergic reation. But that was some years ago, and I honestly don't remember much more about it. (that memory thingy) :wink:

Sorry to hear your boss is being a big POOP. But, maybe take this opportunity and put your POSITIVE ATTITUDE ON, along with a huge smile, and offer some helpful information and education about lung cancer to your fellow workers. Tell them that Lung Cancer is the Number One Cancer in the US and that only 20% of people who get lung cancer are smokers and that Radon is the second cause of lung cancer, And so on and so on. I know it's hard, but try to take the negative and turn it into a positive. You need the Positive, it's helpful to our healing process.

This isn't a fun journey, and NO one wants to get lung cancer, no matter if it's IA, IB, IIA, IIIB, etc.,etc., but we do know it's not the death sentence it use to be. It's beatable and we have eachother to prove that. There are many long term Lung Cancer Survivors in this world, AND we have many of them here at LCSC.

Maybe some of them will chime in on this thread. I know how helpful it is to hear from other long term survivors.

And any time you want to ramble, feel free to let it out here. We're here for you, and we know what your going through. Your not alone.

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Thanks guys

Since finding this site I have felt much better about things. Coming here is like going home, simple, comforting and an all around feel good. When I see all of the survivors it really makes me feel good inside. It is a tough road to hoe, yet it means we have made it thus far. I remember a story about an old man going to a nursing home and being en to his room. The aide was trying to describe it to him, but her told her he knew that it would be beautiful and he would love it. She said but you haven't even seem it yet. He replied I have made up my mind to love it and so I shall. I have been working on al ot of these issues and have decided that no matter what, I still love my life. My cancers while hard to take mentally, have made me a better person and a much sronger person, though it doesn't always show. I will be fine and we all will be fine, just have to keep remembering that. Yes, I know about the drugs, but I have never had it last this long. Thye still haven;t decided what causes his seizures, it is going on 4 years now, but we will keep trying to find answers.

Patti, I kint and crochet pretty much anything. I do a knit a thon where we make chemo caps. Right now I am working on my Christmas gifts. I started when I was home everyday with pretty much nothing else to do.

Thanks again guys I like the hugs

You are all in my heart and have made my heart much warmer and bigger.

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