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Oxidative Therapies


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Has anyone tried any oxidative therapies or have any information on them. I will see a medical doctor that my PA referred me to that does these type treatments, along with infusions. The PA's own wife goes to this doctor for an auto-immune disease (Lupus.) Also, anyone know anything about anti-oxidant therapy and lung cancer?



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Prudence is the better part of valor, so until the conflict is 100% scientifically resolved, we'll continue to pass.

At this point, there are zero studies indicating any risks from NOT taking anti-oxidants during chemo/rad txs (& for a brief time afterwards).

This is versus studies showing potentials for the opposite.

First rule of medicine: Do no harm.

Skipping them for a brief period: no known or suspected harm.


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EXCERPT from above link:

"In the end, this [contradictory study on the] issue remains highly controversial in academic circles, and the verdict is still out.

“The studies that have been done are small,” Dr. Prasad concedes, “and they’ve also only been done on epithelial cancers.

We don’t know


the protocol will have an impact on lymphomas and other cancers.

Ultimately, the only way to resolve this issue is to launch a large-scale, multi-institute, randomized, blinded clinical trial.”


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