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I have a question .. My hubby was doing so good with his first 3 rounds of chemo, only just a few days of being tired then he would pick right back up and be very active for 2 weeks....But, after his 4th round he has been down for a solid 2 and half weeks no up time.he sleeps all the time and gets tired so darn easy!..The doc said it was normal and even did blood work, came back great. but for some reason I can't help but worry. Anyone go through this? so I can ease my mind?


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coni, I think many people will come in here and say an emphatic YES it's normal. I breezed through the early chemos. I think it was the fourth one that went bad I've always thought because it was given faster than the earlier ones. But I do remember the 5th and 6th really kicked my butt. There will be variation but it's common for the big chemo guns to get tougher as you go.

Hang in. Sleeping is probably the best thing for him, and some people routinely sleep their way through difficult physical ordeals. They're lucky.

Judy in Key West

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I am sure many people will respond to your post telling you that it is a normal occurance... Chemo has a cumalitive effect.... as long as his blood work came back good and the doc seems to think everything is going well, I would say take a deep breath and relax... Don't forget... Dehydration can cause all the side effects you mentioned... make sure he is drinking, drinking, drinking... and then drinking some more!!!! (Water that is )... LOL... Love, Sharon

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