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No time to cry :-(


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Haven't been here in a while - Monday will be 3 months since I lost my Dad. 1 month after he passed - my Mom's lease was up - I am so thankful they sold their house 2 years ago - so.....I had to move her - found her a new place that is 3/10ths of a mile from me....perfect - I can keep an eye on her and feed her everyday. Did I mention I moved her entire 2 bedroom apartment by myself????

My Dad also had POA over an 87 year old lady for 20 years - she has been in a nursing home for 8 years. I became her POA after he passed - well, I just buried her on Thursday.

Mom is so lost without Dad - she "stops by" 12 times a day and calls 10 times a day. She can't go anywhere alone - shopping, dr's appointments, lawyers - you name it - I have to go with her.

I have no brothers or sisters to help me out - my Dad's family has not even called to check on my Mom - my Mom's family is out of state. Mom asked me the other day if she had the plague....if I don't call her - the phone doesn't ring. Even all their so called friends stopped calling after the funeral.

I went to the cemetary the other day and screamed at my Dad - I am so mad at him for leaving me - for putting everything on my shoulders - but I understand he trusted me enough and he continues to give me the strength to handle everything. This is what I am meant to be doing right now.

I just wonder if this is my new "normal" - I am so thankful that I have an amazing Husband and my children have been so understanding.

Just rambling I guess - I need some down time so I can grieve - haven't had a chance to do that one yet......maybe during Mom's 4 hour stress test I am sitting through on Monday.....

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I can relate to your post so well. I am an only child and since my step dad passed at the end of June, Mom has been completely reliant on me. I also had to move her back to her own place as my step siblings are horrid creatures and are making things so difficult. I have been the only person there for her 24/7 even though she herself is one of 7 children. The rift there also an estate issue, all fighting over money.

I was supposed to be gone this weekend for a motorcycle rally for lung cancer awareness but could not be that far away as if Mom calls and I am not here, she goes into panic mode thinking something has happened to me.

It will get better. I just can't tell you when. Just know I am here if you need someone to vent to or with.

Warm hugs


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Talk to a social worker from an area hospital. A social worker who specializes in gerontology should be able to get you referrals for services available to seniors...like transportation, housework helpers, etc. Just having someone visit her, albeit a paid person, will give her something to look forward to, and will help take a bit of the burden off you.

Some of these services are available at no or low cost.


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