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Letter to Revlon

Guest DaveG

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Guest DaveG

Follows is the text of the Email I sent to Revlon at :

As I examined your list of beneficiaries for which funds will be raised, I find your exclusion of Women with Lung Cancer most disturbing. It is estimated that close to 75,000 women will die of lung cancer in 2003, this in comparison to the estimated 38,000 deaths due to breast cancer. How you can not recognize lung cancer as the leading health issue among women today is absolutely unbelievable. Also, the discrimination you are showing towards women with lung cancer is uncalled for of an organization of your size and magnitude.

The women of Lung Cancer Survivors for Change are calling for a boycott of your products. You may think we are small in size and will have a less than minimal impact on your sales. I would like you stop and think about the impact. It is estimated that the average woman spends $1500 per year on cosmetics, just with the number of estimated deaths due to lung cancer, you could be losing $112,500,000 this year in business. Now if each woman who is a friend of one of these women, were to boycott your company, for your lack of recognition, the lost to your company could be in the billions.

Lung Cancer is by far the most devastating cancer known to mankind today. It has for far too long been unmistakably associated with behavior, when, in fact, lung cancer crosses all known socio-economic barriers. It is estimated that more than 55% of those diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002 were in the category of strict never smoked and those who had only a short term exposure to tobacco use. There are virtually over 100 different risk factors associated with lung cancer, which range from exposure to secondary tobacco smoke to industrial or agricultural fumes. Lung Cancer does not care if you are black or white, Indian or Asian, rich or poor, smoker or non smoker, Member of Congress (such as Clay Shaw from Florida, who quit smoking 30 years ago) or a voter, baseball player or spectator, man or woman, 19 years old or 85 years old, a marathon runner or a golfer, and this list goes on and on. It is the most diagnosed cancer without regard to sex (male or female).

It is hoped that your company will reconsider this oversight and include lung cancer research as one of your beneficiaries.

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