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It is the quarterly lunch time again.


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Mandatory? MANDATORY???? Mandatory Shmandatory....

Just checked the calendar...appears we're all clear for that date. However, I will have to check with the Boss, and the OFFICIALLY maintained home calendar, which I hardly ever look at...Will check with Col and get back with a definite soon.

Once Col and I agree that we can attend, we'll have to petition Jack with our request to attend the luncheon with him....He's a tough cookie, we're going to need to substantiate our claim that this is a worthwhile venture, probably swear under oath that we won't force him to sing, and insure that it doesn't conflict with his watching of the ND football game or any episode of Curious George. In addition, we'll have to promise that in return for his attendance at this lunch he is entitled to and guarenteed 5 hours of play time with his girlfriend down the street.

Kids, they get two months away from being 4 and all of sudden they are their own little person...What happened to my mini me?

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