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Tom weighed in at 185.5 lbs this morning. That would be a 5 lb loss this week alone. :(

Now granted he was not feeling well this week and had the cough going on. But the cough seems to have gone away and he did eat all his dinner last night and breakfast this morning so maybe we can put it back on now that he is starting to feel better.

I hope.


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Double Stuf Oreos are 70 calories a cookie. The mint ones covered with chocolate are 90 a cookie. Feed him all that stuff you can't eat while on a diet - CHEESE, dairy, cream sauces...add calories everywhere you can.

I'm on a huge diet now, got too into the easy weight loss of cancer treatment and am now Jabba the Hut's younger sister....

Keep him happy, tweak the recipes for his odd tastebuds at this time, ask him what he is craving and add dill pickles to his grilled cheese if that's what he thinks he wants - he'll probably eat it. (Just don't watch...LOL)

Hope he's picking up some pounds soon, Denise. It's sad that those of use overweight can't just donate some fat cells...

Take care,


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If he doesn't want Becky's double stuff oreos, send them to me!!!!! :lol:

Ice cream - with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top, creamed soups, mashed potatoes - feed him tons of fattening stuff. He was probably too busy coughing to eat well. He will be fine!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Too funny Becky!!

Although the cookies sound like a great diet for me I don't think that loading a diabetic full of sugar is a wise idea.

Now he hasn't had to take any of his meds while on treatment. Which I think is a major plus.

I think i found all the pounds that Tom lost. It turns out I have been sitting on them this whole time. :lol:

We see the Onc on Monday for scan results and I think

I will talk to him about Megace.


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