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Pls give me advise......

Guest AnnieW

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My father has Stage IV NSCLC dx in Jun 03.

He completed chemo + radiation in early Oct 03. (Primary Tumor shranked 70%)

Had radiation pneumonitis from Nov till now (but much better now).

One doctor suggested to hv CT scan in Jan because there are false positive in the 1st 3 month.

But another doctor suggested to hv it next week as he wants my father to start on Iressa (so he can compare the progress - whether Iressa is working or not)

If I choose to hv CT scan in Jan, then start on Iressa. I afraid it is too late and scare that the cancer will grow as my father is not hving any treatment now.

If I choose to hv it next week, I can't hv REAL comparison on the progress.

What's ur suggestion???


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Hi Annie,

It sounds to me like you have 2 types of Doctors -worst thing to have in my opinion always puts you in a dilemma- one who takes things as they come the other is the fighter type trying to take one step ahead of cancer....and as far as my and my father's nature and his cancer i certainly would go with the fighting doctor provided that your dad is in a good condition as cancer patient...

I hope full recovery for your dad

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Hi SpellBinder,

Thanks very much for ur reply.

Absolutely agreed with u.

Today, the doctor has scheduled the ct scan next week.

Wish all the best to ur father and ur family.

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