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Gemzar Infusion Reaction


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Good morning all. I had my first gemzar infusion yesterday and as seems to be the case for me, all did not go swimmingly.

Apparently Gemzar is known for causing some ache and pain during injection. However, I had an extreme pain reaction to the infusion just about immediately. We kept on turning the pace of the drip down until almost to nothing. I hopped out of that chair and pushed the STOP button many times. Chemo nurse said she didn't know what to do....and I thought well if you don't lady then I sure don't either. After consulting with my medical oncolgoist, she finally tried injecting hydrocortisone first and then we tried the gemzar again. It still hurt somewhat but was at least bearable.

Afterwards, gemzar is known to be fairly tolerable, bit of flu like symptoms the next day. So far, other than being up way too early, I am feeling okay.

Thought I would share this and see if anyone else has experienced similar.

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Ouch!!!!!!!! Poor thing......when the nurses said they didn't know what to do I probably would have ripped that needle right out of my arm!!!

Hope your arm feels OK today (and of course, you too). But then, you are one tough cookie!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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The Gemsar turned out to be too strong for my sensitive body, so on the second infusion, my oncologist cut the strength by 20%. That was much better. I had six rounds, which shrunk my lesion considerably .

I also has some burning at the site of the infusion. A hot pack relieved this discomfort.

I hope this helps. God's blessings.


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I had my gemzar infusion on Wed and I think I am just sort of waking up now. I have pretty much been in and out of consciousness for 2 whole days. My body must not like this drug either (Alimta took me down pretty good as well). I just pray that it is working although I do think I might want to consult with my medical oncologist on perhaps a lesser dose for next week...another infusion scheduled for next Wed. Am wondering again then if others also suffered the flu like symptoms after the infusion. Gemzar is known to be fairly tolerable. Thanks for your concern all.


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