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Dad in hospice

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Dad says he wants to stay in the hospice for 1 month. Says he wants to get his money worth...can't help but smile. :) He is still on the morphine and they just upped changing his patch from every 3 days to every other day. The past 2 days he asked for additional morphine under his tongue. He hasn't gotten sick after eating yesterday or today. It seems like he is having trouble remembering things, but I think it is from the morphine. I know that the tumor is benign in his brain after reading the reports from the doctors. That is a relief! I don't know if the radiation on his brain made it that way or maybe he didn't need the radiation on his brain and they did it as precautionary. If thats the case I'm mad they did that because they held off on the chemo treatments for his liver and lungs. He has high hopes saying he isn't going soon, I just wish a few family members felt the same way. I risk asking for a second opinion in fear of having my family say it's no use, or I am only getting my hopes up. Yet it bothers me that no one questioned if anymore chemo would help.

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Dear Lilliee,

How I know what you mean questioning everything, if all has been done that can. I feel the same way with my mother and since we are not doctors ourselves I think we will always question the care and treatment they give b/c we want what is best for our loved ones and feel a sense of control in this crazy journey. Pray for the right answers and pray that the docs will be instilled with the right way of handling your dad's care. What we are going through is giving up control to the docs to do their job right and hope they are. Although, it is our job to question them and demand the best for our loved ones. I will pray for you and your dad that he will respond to his treatment plan now and have a speedy and painless recovery from what is going on.

Love Ya-


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