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Texas Proclamation!


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For the fourth year at my request, I've successfully gotten another proclamation from Texas Gov. Rick Perry proclaiming November Lung Cancer Awareness Month!!


I also got the Mayors to declare Nov. 1, 2008 Lung Cancer Awareness day since the DFW Walk is being held Nov. 1. www.lcwalk.com

Those of you interested in contacting your Gov. about a LCAM Proclamation to declare November lung cancer awareness month, contact me and I will point you in the right direction.

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That's great to see November proclaimed as Lung Cancer Awareness Month here in Texas, and the DFW walk and run, but as a bicycle rider who's back is too cratered to run or do long walks (but that's another story), I wish there were a cycling event.

It seems there is a cycling event for a charity almost every weekend for a good part of the year here in this part of Texas, but not one event for lung cancer. I wonder why that is, and what it would take to start such an event.

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Hey Bud, you can still come out and join the fun without doing the walk/fun run. I'd love to have you if you're in the area.

And you're right on about there being NOTHING in the area for lung cancer awareness in terms of ANY events... perhaps we can add in cycling next year??????


Come out and join us and you can sit at the refreshment table under the large pavilion and keep me company!


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