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Ready for Some New Getting to Know You Questions???


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Geesh Ann... I have been waiting for your next getting to know you question!!!!

Last time I cleaned it out was a few weeks ago- I bought a new one at long last so had to switch over. And can I mention that buying a new purse is like buying a new car these days - it takes me 10 years to find the right one.


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I clean mine out when it gets to messy and I cant find a thing except gum wrappers, used sucker sticks or various, pretzel, or cherrio pieces in the bottom,mixed in with the $40 in change! :) :) :) I also just throw, reciepts/money in there too when I am busy... and I get the trying to buy a new one thing.... They all are too big,or to "young". I just need to go to one of those knock-off parties to get one. :0 )


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An added note on buying the new one. I did about a year or more after agonizing over just the right size, length (important when you're 4'6" or 7") and inside pocket configuration. Recently when visiting my daughter I complimented her on her purse. She said, "Thanks, it was yours, you gave it to me when you bought your last new one."

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I clean it out when I need to turn over my charge receipts to work which is monthly. I hate buying a purse because it is so hard for me. I like lots of compartments so I don't have to carry a wallet-- that is hard to find.


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