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My Daddy!


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I would first like to start by letting everyone know that my heart goes out to all of you who's loved ones have been hit by this terrible disease.

My daddy was diagnosed about a month ago with SCLC. He is now on his second round of chemo and anti-biotics because his middle lobe has collapsed (it will inflate back up again they say) He has a fantastic doctor and the chemo looks like it's working well. The tumor has now shrunk.

His cancer was caught in the early stages. At first they diagnosed him with bronchitis and put him on Antibiotics until they realized that it just wasn't going away and nothing was taking so they did an x-ray and nothing showed up. Three weeks later, (because he kept violently coughing) they took another x-ray where it showed the spot on his right lung. (quick little bugger that it is). He has one more round of chemo and then radiation. I will keep you all posted.

My dad is one of the strongest men I have ever met and my hero. He packed up his family (two little girls and his wife) and escaped the former communist country of, back then, Czechoslovakia in 1982 and never looked back with 1000 dollars in his pocket and one suitcase in between all of us. He brought us here to build a better life. Here he built everything from the ground up always keeping us in mind. Now it's my turn to take care of him, and I will do my damndest to fight this horrible disease.

I am now putting a Lung Cancer Run here in Vancouver together for next year and hopefully years to come. I am hoping to have a HUGE turn out and raise proceeds for research and awareness for such a deadly disease. I realized that there are so many other runs going on but Lung Cancer is always ignored because I guess there are not many survivors...but why couldn't THAT be the main reason for having one? the reason being BECAUSE it is the largest killer of the cancers....we need more research towards it!!

Through all of this I have realized that the people around him and himself NEED 100% positive thoughts and energy and so does everyone else in his situation.

I am so glad to have found such a supportive website with people that are going through the same thing I am going through.

Thank you for reading my post.


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Hi Gabby from a fellow Canadian. So sorry you need to be here but welcome to a wonderfully supportive place. You have a terrific spirit and your dad is SO lucky to have you. I do not believe I have ever heard of a run for LC in BC so good for you. Let me know when it is and I will be there with my whole family. Keep us all posted on the planning for that and we very much look forward to your future posts here. Take good care


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Hi, Gabby, welcome to the LCSC! I'm 50 percent Czech, with the remainder being a nondescript (at least to me) mixture from a few other places. My grandfather was born in the former Czechoslovakia (Province of Moravia) in 1876, and at the age of 4 he came with his parents to America. They traveled by train from the port in Baltimore to their new home in Texas, and his earliest clear memory of America was getting trapped in the train car restroom with a jammed door and screaming all the way to the next station, where he was pulled out through the window. That was in 1881. Another thing he liked to talk about was a near-fatal copperhead snakebite at the age of 9. But he did survive to adulthood and into his 80s, and had four children, one of whom was my father.

I'm happy to hear your dad is responding to chemo. You didn't mention any mets, so is his SCLC limited stage? Wishing you and your dad the best. Aloha,


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Hello Gabby,

Fist, welcome to you. This is a place where everyone understands the walk.

May your Dad's treatments have excellent results.

All of your support and love for him surely is surrounding him with the positive energy so very important in all of this.

Your Dad has already shown that he is a fighter. Packing up an entire family in making the move that he did is a wonderful testament to that. It is inspiring to read of such strength.

Your posting shows that you have been blessed with that spirit, as well. I hope to "see" you here and letting us know how things are going.

Also, wishing you success in your endeavors to bring attention to lung cancer funding. It is wonderful to have you advocating. This disease does have the most dreadful amount allocated for research.


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Welcome aboard, Gabby, and thank you for going the extra for Lung Cancer Awareness.

I'm sure you will find the folks on these boards to be immensely supportive, both emotional and informational.

I wish your Dad the very best.



Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.--George Carlin

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Hi Gabby

A big welcome from another Canadian. That is a great initiative of starting an L/C run in B.C. The best of luck with it. There are a great group of members here who are always there to offer knowledge and support. Please keep posting updates.

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