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More Cancer


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Just wanted to update everyone on what the Dr.'s saw near the area of where my adrenal gland and tumor was removed in January. There is a lesion against my renal artery that appeared on CT scan. It was biopsied on Friday and the results are in, more cancer.

Next step, brain MRI this week and radiation consult next week. The Dr. is talking about stereostatic radio surgery.

I wasn't surprised just disappointed.


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Crap Lilly. That is not good. I hope a new plan gets in place real fast to kick this new stuff's butt. Damn. I know you are not surprised but it still must have hit you hard and I am so sorry about that. Please keep us posted on the plans and how you are doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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There's no way to take this news but badly, at least at first. I'm with ginnyde, thankfully there is a plan in place. As long as there is a treatment plan, there is hope. Hell, there can be hope without a treatment plan.

Will be rooting for you Lilly.

Judy in Key West

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Lilly - I am SO sorry to hear this. I am glad there is a plan and things seem to be moving along quickly with that plan.

I am saying extra prayers for you -


ps- do you go to Yale? I always look for you when I am there - but unless you had the kids with you I don't know if I would recognize you from your avatar! I often wonder if we have the same doctor.

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Sucks, doesn't it. I know because my scan wasn't that good either. And altho we are expecting it, it sure hits like a ton of bricks when you hear it.

Sure do hope that the SRS does the trick. Please keep us posted on that and of course, how you are doing.

Hugs and prayers,

Patti B.

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Well, this sucks Lilly....I'm hoping that everything works out and goes smoothly for you...Like everyone else here, it sounds promising that plans are in place and moving forward....

In fact I just came up with a positive spin for all the bad news we get with this disease...

New problem, new plan....but also, new hope.

Hang in there.

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Oh Lillym

Did not want to read this kind of thing when i went into your post. :twisted: I am so sorry for that diagnosis. Now its on to a new round. Keep fighting girl, we are all in your corner.

So glad though the seem to have the next step waiting to go.

You are in my prayers.


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