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A Mixed Bag of Nuts


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Well the lung tumor is still shrinking. The scan at the end on May showed 4.4cm x 3.5cm and now we are at 3.7cm x 2.7cm. So that is good news.

No focal lesions are seen within the liver. No evidence of metastatic disease in the abdomen. Also good news.

There is however an increasing thrombus noted in the descending thoracic aorta measuring 1.6cm. Not good news. Last scan showed it was at 8mm according to this report. The last CT print out that I have does not mention anything about a clot. :?

Coumadin here we come!!!

I told Tom that they want to put him on coumadin and he said he is not taking that. I told him oh yes you will and you'll like it!!! Because we did not come all this way for him to be taken out by $&$ bloodclot!!! :evil:

So I am taking up a collection of all unused coumadin. I know it is a costly venture and will take all donations in exchange for positive vibes and prayers. :lol:


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Congrats on the shrinkage!!!! Thats what we want to hear!!!!! Tell him Good Job from me!!!

Now....on the coumadin issue - he can either take the damn pill like I do OR....I still have lots of Lovenox injectables left that he can stick in his tummy twice a day. Thats his choice - which would he rather do????? :lol::lol::lol::lol: Gotta get tough with these men!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Denise, Sorry to hear Tom has an unexpected complication in an otherwise positive scenario. You'll whip him into shape, I'm sure. What an amazing idea to accept donations. We should look at that more closely on this site--people start and stop prescription meds all the time and would probably be happy to have them go to good use. I think about that with all the bp meds I'm taking. I'm trying not to order too much and get stuck with it but I could still wind up holding some. Good idea.

Judy in Key West

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Overall, things sound pretty good. Sorry about the coumadin issue... but actually, as Patti mentioned, he will most likely have to do Lovenox shots first before coumadin.. I don't have my license to pratice medicine yet, so don't hold me to that one, but I think I am right. Just tell Tom that it's a good thing when they have meds to correct the situation. Lots of prayers still coming for the two of you...



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hey there Denise. A mixed bag of nuts for sure but save the cashews for me please.

There is good reason to be elated about the shrinkage (and sorry I just have t say it because it is late and I know you have a good sense of humor) but most men would be concerned about that except in cancer's case! The other blood clot issue is not nice but just a minor inconvenience at this point. Tell him to just deal with it!!!

Continued best wishes


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Hi Denise.. Tell Tom Congrats on the good news. Now, as for the blot clot issue.... I know that you are a get r done kinda gal, so I have no worries that Tom will soon be taking his coumadin to blast that stinking bloot clot.

As I can see from your post.. an Aortic thrombus is not to be messed with. Like you said, you guys have been through too much to have this do him him.

Tell him that if he wont listen to you, I am sending Patti and the keg bus full of us women to come kick him in gear. :lol::lol::lol::wink:


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Hi Denise,

So happy to hear about Tom's good results!! He really is doing so well.

As for the Coumadin issue..... He'll do whatever he has to do. I'm sure. When Hank was fighting this battle, every issue that came down the pike was met with resistance. Coumadin, "I'm not doing that" He did. Oxygen, "I'm not doing that" He did.

None of this is fun, to put it mildly. No one wants to do any of this. But, when push comes to shove, we all do whatever we have to do. So will Tom. Don't let his initial refusal upset you. He will do it.

You're both doing great, and I wish you continued success.

:) Gail

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