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Could anyone share their radiation experience/side effects?


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So, my Mama is about to begin her radiation.

She will be in Victoria having daily treatment for four weeks, starting next Wednesday.

She'll come home on the weekends.

Can anyone share your experience with radiation...it's side effects..and all of that stuff?

Thanks so much,

Prayers for everyone,


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My Mom had serious burns to her neck and spots on her back. PM me if that happens, and I'll tell you how it was treated. I don't mean to scare you...her's was a rare reaction. But other than that, it made her really tired. She also had preventive drugs to prevent esophageal burns and they worked great.

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Hi Linda. During radiation I had very few if any side effects. Your mom will get a list of possible side effects during her first treatment. I think the side effects really depend on the location of the tumour. Although I had some radiation very close to my esophagus and still didn't have a single cough or anything. I was told I must be pretty tough. So, it will really depend but it is quite possible that your mom could experience not much except a little fatigue. I found that regular exercise during treatment really helped me feel great. Honestly, through radiation, I felt great. Sadly that is not the case for everyone.

Now months later, and radiation continues to do it's job for months, I have a sore lung. It has gradually gotten better and I am sure it will continue to do so over time. Kind of like a sun burn inside you. It doesn't bother me too much now and even at it's worst I still carried on with regular activities.

Best wishes to your mom


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I am going to assume your mom is have radiation to her lung so I will share the side effects my husband Alan had. The worst was probably with swallowing. For awhile Alan could only eat very soft foods and liquids that were more room temp vs. being cold or hot. The Dr can perscribe magic mouthwash if this becomes an issue with your mom. Fatigue was another big issue for Alan.

Sending prayers for you and your mom

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I had 37 radiation treatments to my upper left lung area where they had taken the lobe during surgery. I had a little rash on front and back that itched but just treated it with aloe. I did, however, have trouble swallowing for a few weeks and they gave me Magic mouthwash, a prescrition, for it which helped at mealtime. I was also very tired during and for a few weeks after. As you can see its been well over 5 years ago now and I am still clear. Hope this helps.


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I had 36 treatments and the main side effects were fatigue and trouble swallowing. The trouble with swallowing didn't start until the final week and lasted about 2 weeks after I completed everything.

I also had the magic mouthwash, but couldn't keep it down. I just couldn't stand the taste.

Hope everything goes well for you and your family.

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