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Butterball Daddy


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First off, I'd like to start by saying thank you for everyones support on this site. Since I introduced myself, which was not even 24 hours ago, I received abour 15 welcomes and words of hope and support. Thank you all!!

I think I'm going to title all my entires as "Butterball Daddy", so everyone can just easily see who it is and easily just recognize it in the list. OK, so here is one of my updates.... I went to see my dad today after his second round of chemo, day 4. Holy, does the chemo ever kick a human being's butt. This is all so new to me.....:o( He is so skinny, not like in my profile picture at all. I want my "butterball daddy" back!!!

The chemo is leaving him extremely tired with no cravings for any type of food. I bought him some soft serve ice cream (which he used to love!) and he took a couple licks and my mom put the rest in the freezer. I'm guessing this is normal though, right?

So far, the X-rays taken last week (before his second round) were showing great progression with the tumors decreasing in size.

I do have a question though, one problem he is having is that he can't urinate. His bladder feels pressure and the only time he can go is if he immerges himself in hot water and then its released. Sounds like a bladder infection to me. They also put him on anti-biotics for a collapsed lung lobe that was caused by the chemo and said that this will make it inflate again. When I called the hospital help line last night and talked to the night oncall doctor, he said that it could just be a bladde rinfection or a enlarged prostate due o the chemo.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you...

Butterball Daddy's Daughter....


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