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GTKY - August 20


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Glad to 'see' you, Ann. You've been missed!!!! As to the Olympics...........I've been watching. Of course, the swimming, but also the women's indoor volleyball team. Kim Glass, one of the stars of the team, I taught in sixth grade. She is a local hero/celebrity!!!! I taught her all she knows about volleyball :wink::lol::?:roll: !!!!


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Since my Nick is a swimmer, of course thats been what we have watched the most!!! Absolutely unbelievable how fast these kids go!!!!

Its been fun for me to watch Mrs. Phelps and how she reacts in the stands - no matter what level your kid is, us moms are all the same!!!


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I have always looked forward to the swimming....But this year I was really looking forward to Phelps running the table....When he won that butterfly I cheered so loud I scared Jack right off the couch...Other than that, women's beach volleyball...Misty May and kerry Walsh are INCREDIBLE...They just can't be beat.

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