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Goin back to Indiana!!


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To celebrate our good scan news we are going off to spend the weekend at Tom's sister's where we had our reunion. We will drive down after work on Friday and then Saturday we will ride down to have a visit at his nephew Duane’s house in Westfield, IN and come back late Sunday. It should a fun relaxing weekend. Jayla will be at Christy’s so it will be just us adults.

Ya'll behave yourselves now ya hear!! :lol:


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It looks like things were a bit too quiet while I was gone. You all didn't have to behave that well!! :lol:

Well we had a fabulous timein Indiana!!!

We had a leisurely saturday morning with a home cooked country breakfast. Then we hopped in the car and rode down the back roads to Indy and had a late lunch with Tom's nephew Duane and his girlfriend Kathy at a fabulous Italian Restaurant. We putzed our way back as well and made a day out of viewing the countryside.

Sunday was another slow relaxing morning. When we got going we headed of to New Buffalo,MI to see a new place where you can possibly walk away with some money in your pocket if you are lucky. :D

We went to the Marina and saw lots of boats.

We had lunch at a very Famous Burger joint in New Buffalo. The burgers were to die for!!!

We made another slow trek back and stopped at a roadside Farmers Market to pick up some Indiana sweet corn. YUM YUM!!

I ate so well this weekend that I gained 2 pounds. :shock::o

Tom even ate everything on his plate at every meal. I am so proud of him. :D

I'll post some picks soon.


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