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The mysterious Keg bus


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YOu may have heard of this from various chat memebrs threatening Road trips. Well if Ya see it coming up the road......... We are Here!!!!!!!!!!



I know somebody is gonna be laughing til their sideshurt today but not sure who!!!! :wink:

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Great picture, Randy. Good idea to warn people about us, too.

Finally, Patti has admitted that she's not the best bus driver. I've been waiting for that.

I thought the Ark plan was funny, but now it's not so funny and it's not been completed yet. Our friends on Florida's east coast really need it now.


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I agree Muriel with Patti admitting she is not the best driver, your next in line.

Hey I've been getting heck from Larry's Wife for not having the Ark finished. I guess she is really getting the rain and was looking for a ride ! Hey Randy do you think you can find a Keg Bus with floats ?

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I never admitted to not being a good bus driver. I just meant that if you see ME driving, then that means I have Muriel, Bruce, Randy, Shell, Denise and Sandra on the bus.....people need to run and hide from THEM!!!!!!!

Gotta outa that one, didn't I???? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Patti B

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Well I was going to stay out of this one until I heard there were no wine bottles permitted. Sorry but have to put my foot down on that stupid rule! I am sure there are some other wine drinkers in the crowd. I put Randy in charge of what is or is not permitted in terms of empty alcoholic containers and last time I checked he was nice enough to serve me a nice glass of wine. Randy, over rule him please.

Yes, please send the floating bus to others in need of it more...no rain here yet...might need it in the winter.

Nice cushy government job Bruce!!! However I should talk with the lazy executive hours I have been keeping lately!!!

That reminds me, I hope there is business class seating on that bus because I don't do well in economy. A bit high maintenance that way. The wine bar can be placed up in business class please.

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Well, I'm really late coming into this subject but Sandra I am definitely with you--in business class with wine and wine bottles allowed as floats. They are bigger than beer bottles anywayso they should work better!

Randy, you are priceless for coming up with this much needed hilarity.

Judy in Key West

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Well ladies there is no designated seating on the Keg Bus/Ark. Once you leave your seat it's open and after the conversation in chat the other night, there may be frequent changes. LOL

As for empty bottles, we are looking for quantity....you can empty more beer bottles than wine bottles. A big thank you to JB who already left enough inside to get us started.

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