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Hypermetabolic activity


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I just spoke with mom's oncologist and Pulmonary specialist yesterday about the cloudiss on her Pet scan, and wanted to clarify whether is was radiation pneumonitis or not. And I am very sad right now. The onc suspected radiation pneum, but she said she could not say 100% that it wasn't a return of the cancer. The pulm doc said that scan showed "hypermetabolic activity" on the left lung, where the original cancer was found. He said he doesn't like the looks of it and wants to do a broncoscopy. He thinks it's cancer. My mom must be in denail, because she refuses the bronc at this time.

She has symptoms that could go either way. Coughing, and weight loss being the main ones. The onc prescribed 10 more days of steroids to see if that would help her symptoms. The pulm doc didn't like that. He said that it's not" good medicine" to prescribe drugs for an unknown condition.

The onc seemed so sure that it was just inflammation.

Hypermetabolic activity doesn't sound good. I wonder what happening inside there. I just wish someone knew, without the bronc. They will do another scan in 2 months to see if anything changed. I just wonder if that's too long to wait.

I feel like a jerk right now. Like how could I believe that the cancer could be gone so easily? Like, it was too good to be true. I feel like we're starting all over again. And the worst part is that my mom lives in a very dirty house with a man who chain smokes right in her face. How can anyone heal in that environment?

Any wise words or experiences would be appreciated. thanks!

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the hypermetabolic activity could be caused by pneumonitis.

Unfortunately, the broncoscopy can also be inconclusive.

Has another CT scan and x-ray been done?

I would ask the Dr what is the percentage of the broncoscopy being accurate

Also endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration is sometimes used (don't know if it is applicable in your mom's case)

Maybe a fused PET-CT scan can be done. It is a pet scan and a CT scan done at the same time. This can pin point where the hypermetabolic region is and if it matches what is found on the CT

I am not a Dr, best to ask as many questions as possible and it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion

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