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Are you on Chat every Tuesday?


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We are looking for a new moderator for Tues Night Chats. For almost 5 years now we've had chat on Tuesdays at around 7PM central until the last person says goodbye.

We'd like to keep chat's on Tuesdays, and around the same starting time give or take an hour- whatever is best for your schedule.

A big thank you to Randy whos been our reliable and vigilant Chat moderator for a long time now. It's time for Randy to take a break and pass the torch.

Topic will still be open discussion and moderator should keep the conversations flowing while making new chat users familiar with the chat features and comfortable posting. Moderator should also keep the chat from veering too far off color and try to engage all members into participating in the conversation.

If you are interested in moderating Tues. night chat's please PM me. If I get multiple replies I will choose the member who has either been here the longest or has the most posts.

If I don't get any volunteers then we will cut chat's back to twice a month.

Thank you,

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Like Madeline Kahn said in Blazing Saddles to Harvey Korman," I'm Tired, So very very tired!!

nothin peronal so everyone knows this comin from me! I am tired I am not going away just taking a breather from the Moderating of chat room responsibilities!! It is a fun job to have and You get to met new people and have fun and be serious also sometimes!!

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Yes, Patti, you must behave. I'm depending on you to keep your friends on their best behavior, too. Actually, they're my friends also.

Hope you'll stay around Randy. We can benefit from your expertise and your input on informational websites. You've really done a great job as moderator.

Now, we have a problem. When Randy is there, we can ask him to be the bartender. When he's not there,however, we'll need some volunteers. I wouldn't make a good bartender - unless you all just want Beck's Beer or Special Export.

See ya next Tuesday at:

8:00 Eastern

7:00 Central

6:00 Mountain

5:00 Pacific

I have no idea what time it is in Hawaii when it's 8PM Eastern.


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Muriel, It's nice of you to let Randy off the hook and get a rest from the responsibilities of moderating chat. I don't get there every Tuesday but certainly enjoy it when I do and know sometimes he's had his hand full with the bunch that show up sometimes, oh all the time. And Muriel I know you'll be a great moderator but as far as keeping Patti and her, your, my friends in line, won't that kind of be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house (LOL).

Hope to see you all on Tuesday because if you don't show, they keep making private jokes and refusing to tell you what went on (Bruce)!

Judy in Key West

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Ha this is perfect....After Aug 26th, I have a two week break from Hockey before it starts back up again for the fall session....THat means I will be able to join my long lost friends of CHAT...But even better, I will be able to welcom Muriel appropriately and force her to use her moderating skills to the best of her ability....Muriel you have one week to practice before I return....I suggest you brush up on yelling at people...lol..

Seriously though, Thanks to Randy for all he has done with the chat...It was a great source of kinship when I first joined the board, and helped me through a lot...I still miss it, but Hockey offers similar relief. Thanks RANDY!!!!!!!!!!

And to Muriel...You have some big shoes to fill, but I know you will do just fine...Thanks for taking up the torch and continuing the Chat as it is truly a great part of this community.

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I am glad you took the position. I dont think that I would be able to contain the crazyness, as I am part of the craziness!!!! If Bruce doesnt show up for bartending duties... I will voluenter my services! I think I got down what most people like anyways! :) Looking forward to chat next week.

Thanks for all you've done Randy for chat... hope to still see you there!


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Muriel will do an awesome and keep everyone in line. That I have no doubt.

Randy will now be able to focus on his bartending and not get distracted. Please do not let Bruce be back up bar keep. He does not serve wine so obviously missed that lesson in bartending schooll never mind good manners. Mop up duties for him (especially because he is in ark mode) should be assigned.

I for one will be on my best behaviour as always and will not let anyone lead me astray.

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Hey JB Hows Your Wife doing Now that the ice melted maybe you can joinus!!?Must be awfully cold up there in PA if you are still playing hockey in August!

Bruce should be scared by now!!!! :twisted::wink::lol::lol::lol:8)

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Congratulations Muriel!!!! I know you will do a great job keeping these ladies in line...I mean as moderator. I think at 1 chat night I was promoted to bouncer, so if i can assist you in keeping some people in check. Especially Patti, who seem's to be the leader. Then of course Shelli and Sandra who just join in. Then there are other's like Lynn and Judy who sit by quietly but join in with a zinger every now and then. Denise, Ry, and the rest of the gang will need to be kept in line as well. Girl you have your work cut out for you. Last choice Muriel is if you give me a wink I'll spike their drinks. LOL Of course now that Randy is not moderator his fingers may roam more freely as well.

Thanks Randy for being such a great moderator and friend. You have certainly made all of us newbies feel welcome and become a part of this great family. Take a break but join us anytime you want a laugh.

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Bruce's post above said: I think at 1 chat night I was promoted to bouncer, so if i can assist you in keeping some people in check. Especially Patti, who seem's to be the leader.

Well, I am just like Rodney Dangerfield......get no respect at all!!! My reputation seems to be getting tarnishe!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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