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So tired.


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Well it's only been just about a month since the 'new normal' began for us.

I thought I would give you all a little insight into our life. I am 33 years old and along with my husband, 3 children and dog, live with my father.

My husband is wonderful and helps with everything regarding the house and children and taking my dad to and from his appointments, but his not so wonderful at 'talking' with me about the things that are going on right now. I don't blame him for this, it's just his way of dealing with things.

Right now I feel exhausted, mentally and physically. I don't feel depressed about my dad's illness, but I feel that it must be playing on my mind a lot more than I would like to admit and I'm finding it all very tiring.

I am sleeping at night and doing my usual daily chores, so really apart from extra hospital visits, nothing as yet has changed a great deal in our lives.

So comes the question, why do I feel tired for every waking hour of the day?!?

Is this normal for a carer/daughter to feel this way, or am I beginning to let things get on top of me emotionally?

I just don't know....

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It sounds from your description that it's emotional. Sometimes we use sleep as an escape to get away from things or it could be that the stress and worry is taking a toll on your body. You might want to try vitamins and getting out a little and see if that helps before asking for antidepressants.

When my husband was first diagnosed and in treatment I was absolutely dead tired from working, trying to care for him and dealing with our kids. What helped me most with the stress and tiredness was simply walking down my street and back. It just helped to get out and get the oxygen flowing and clear my head. I also started to take most of the vitamins and supplements he was taking. I think it's normal to be tired, even with help.

You should sit down with your husband and talk also.


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I, too, was very tired when we were on our cancer journey. Yes, the tiredness is probably emotional. Who wouldn't be emotional and stressed from this? Physical symptoms of stress are as individual as we are.

Recognizing it is probably half the battle. The other half is doing what you can to alleviate it. Ry has given you some excellent suggestions. I would also add that coming here to vent can be very cathartic.


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Thank you both for that :)

I think that as from September the 5th when the children go back to school and I get back to college things will probably seem to 'ease up' a little for me. At the moment with my dad being ill and the weather being bad we haven't been able to take advantage of the children being on holiday/vacation and I think that may have been getting me down a little too.

I don't feel that this is depression that would require any medical assistance (I've suffered with depression in the past and know the signs) but I think all the not knowing what to expect and how to react to this has just taken it's toll a little.

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"Larry's Wife"]Caren, I know what you mean. I think I was (and still am, if I am completely honest) mildly depressed. And I also feel that I am not at a point where medical intervention is required. But I certainly will be willing to go that route if I get more symptoms than just being tired.

I'm sorry you're feeling this way too :(

I absolutely agree with you on seeking medical advise if this becomes more than just tiredness.

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You sound exactly like I did when my mom was first diagnosed. It was shock and sadness. I didn't think it was depression, but rather profound sadness with a touch of fear. It was overwhelming and it took awhile to adjust to the "new normal." I still have boughts with it, but now 20 months into our journey I try to be aware that every day I can call and talk to my mom and every trip I can make to see her is a precious gift and a reason to smile. But I have to be honest that the sadness still comes upon me and it took me a good six months to really be able to breathe out and relax a bit.


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Pretty normal.

I am not a good sleeper when things stress me out. But through mom's dx and treatment I actually slept fine. However I was still drained.

I've always felt emotions burn more calories than the treadmill. This is a good place to get some emotions on the table and can reenergize and encourage.

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