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I'm back - missed you all!


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Hi All,

So sorry I haven’t been on. My hard drive went in my computer and I lost everything. :shock: I did have some pics on my flash drive so at least I have that salvaged. I could have used my work computer but they are funny about that and I did not want to take any chances. Plus the fact I have been ultra busy.

I have been going to Lungevity meetings with Heather’s husband Brad and people who helped with the walk through the years. This year is going to be exceptionally special in her honor. The logo and shirts are going to be awesome and we have so many things with the Lungevity logo to give out.

I expect all who are within the tri state area or anyone who can make it to be there on Nov. lst at Cooper River in Pennsauken New Jersey. No excuses please I expect to see you all there in Heather’s honor to started the walk for Lungevity that spread throughout the US….She is missed so much.

Joel is doing fine but has not started treatment as of yet.

He finally has an appointment with the Pulmonary doctor who will be inserting the pellets around the nodule. We will meet with him this Friday. The reason it took so long was they call all kinds of experts in to see if they could reach the area by going through this mouth which he would be sleeping and would wake up and just go home. Then he would have to wait a week then have the cyberknife (mega radiation) machine do its job. The pellets act like a GPS and move the radiation to the infected area without harming any good cells and zap that monster away.

Unfortunately, they will not be able to inject the pellets through his mouth as it is in an area that they feel could not be reached. But they are not sure…. So instead of taking a chance they will have to go through his back and he will have to be semi awake. The problem is that it could collapse a lung and since he only has a ½ left on the left side so that’s pretty scary.

So anyway, we are still so excited that this will be starting soon. I will keep you all posted on what will be going on.

Missed you all…. But now I’m back and will keep in touch.

To Ginny and all our friends from our luncheons… We will be there…. Will not miss it. It seems we may have some newbies joining us. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 6th.

Love ya,


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Glad to FINALLY hear from you, Maryanne. I was getting just a bit concerned about the two of you!!!! Sorry about the computer. We know exactly how that goes! We've lost more than we would have liked.

I'm sure the NJ Walk will be very special this year. I'm really glad that I got to be there last year and meet Heather in person. We had PM'd, but it''s just not the same. I thought the walk las year was quite impressive. Unfortunately, you know I go to Boston to walk with Tracy. Sure would be lots closer to go to NJ though. Too bad they're the same day.

Hope you get the plan in actin this Friday when you meet with the doc. This is going to work great for Joel. And we can't wait for the 6th either. I do hope we get some more folks to join us. People just don't know what a good time they are missing.

So............see you next Saturday. Tell Joel we wish him the best of luck Friday.



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