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My brain may be off a bit - but its NOT cancer- Updated 9/5/

Patti B

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PA just called - PRELIMINARY reading of the MRI is NEGATIVE - the spot that showed concern is GONE!!!!!!!

I am so relieved....it just kept getting worse and worse and I was worried that the machine breaking was another bad omen.

I want to thank all of you who answered my post and/or send me emails, PMs or phone calls. The news about my lung progression was bad enough, the thought of a brain met was just putting me over the edge. You don't realize how your support helped me over the last week.

NOW - I know at least one of you made a remark somewhere that you were just dying to make some remarks about my brain and its breaking the machine, so now you can all let it rip if you want to. Call me empty-headed, brain dead, whatever cause I am so happy that I will join right in with you. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Thanks again!!!

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Patti I am so happy for you !!!! I bet that was the happiest time you ever have been with someone telling you there was nothing in your head. LOL Now sure who would make comments about you though...LOL congratulations sweetie.

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Don't you like how we all behaved ourselves while we knew you were worried, it was hard to restrain ourselves. :)

So now I can say - are you sure that it wasn't just that they were surprised to find ANYTHING in the skull? :)

So glad to hear the good news Patti!!!!

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