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Mom's Scans Last Week


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Hi Everyone,

I am delayed in posting an update on Mom's scans last week as it's been a hectic transition to the fall schedule over here. But since you've always all been so wonderful, I wanted to give an upate.

Mom went in last Monday (8/18) for her CT scan and MRI to check on the lung tumor as well as the brain met (size of a nickle). They found that there were no new mets, the lung tumor was stable (yahoo!) but it appeared the tumor in the brain had grown. The change was so slight that the onc brought in a number of specialists and they agreed it showed growth of the tumor. Mom's onc was able to pull some strings and on Thursday she had a meeting with the doc who would perform the surgery along with Dr. V and on Friday she was at the Gamma Knife center at 6:15 AM! Whew - what a whirlwind week.

While Mom admitted the gamma knife was the most 'nerve racking' of the treatments she's received so far (and she's run the gammet, that's for sure) the procedure itself was relatively simple. The most difficult part was waiting for the surgery with the 'halo' on. (At one point when getting up to get coffee she put her arms straight out in front of her and said, 'I could scare little children with this thing. I look like Frankenstein!' You know she always adds humor in at some point!) They took her back around 11:50 and she was out by 12:40. I think they said the actual 'surgery' took 21 minutes. Amazing. We are praising God for the technology!

Mom was really worn out for the couple of days following, but she's getting more energy as each day passes. Now she gets another break until October 16th when they'll take a look and see how the Gamma Knife did.

We are praising God for his goodness, trusting Him because he is in control and taking this journey one day at a time!

Hugs to all of you!


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Wow Nicole. That was a whirlwind week. Sounds like you guys are in a place that can really act fast. The brain met got looked after so quickly. Great news on the stable in other areas as well. Thanks for posting and continued best wishes to you and your mom


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Hey Nicole

Thanks for the update. I had been wondering how your Mom was doing. Great news on the lung being stable. That was a quick response to dealing with the brain met. We're all praying that the gamma knife took care of that. I have always loved the stories you have told about your Mom's sense of humour throughout this journey. Take care and keep us updated.

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