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PET SCAN RESULTS.....AMAZING is what the doc said


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PET scan shows...no sign of cancer anywhere! Everything is gone. Mind you this was our one and only pet scan. They never really felt the need to do one. We were scheduled many times but then cancelled for one reason or another.

We are in shock right noe and thanking god and our wonderful oncologist!!!

They are going to continue his weekly treatments for another 4 weeks or so to be sure. His CEA level is all the way down to 2.3 too. All test look great..normal for the first time in months. We will repeat Pet SCAN in a few months.

I never thought we would make it through this..Hold on to hope and keep the faith. Jim has been through hell over the last year and never once gave up. He is my HERO!!! When all this started he promised he would fight with all he had and I believed in that. He has to much to live for and would not let the beast win... THANK GOD!!!!

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Congratulations Jeannie and Jim!!!! That is great news to hear. Having faith and not believing statistics certainly proved itself in Jim's case. Take care and keep us updated.

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Thanks everyone!

Ned, his eye problem was only corrected with the prism lenses the doc prescribed. A muscle in the eye has been damaged from either the bells or the radiation(??) they are unsure. However, with these glasses he can see normally again. They aren't dry or itchy either. I just think they were working way to hard and now we have temporarily fixed the problem. They said once he gets through chemo and is up for it they can do a surgery that will correct the problem.

Thanks again and I want you all to know just because I don't post often I am always following up with the board. I read the board, I cry, I laugh, and I pray with all of you.

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