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Increased pulse


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Good morning. I was just wondering is anyone had experienced an increase in pulse rate after undergoing carbo/taxol treatments? I've alway had a higher than normal pulse (90's) but it began to increase once I started treatments and is now averaging in the 120's and sometimes reaches as high as 135. My BP also fluctuates but frequently is close to normal. My primary care doctor has me hooked up to a 24 hour heart monitor and I am also scheduled for an ultrasound of the heart next week. I am just curious if this increase is related to the chemo treatments and if so, will it go back to normal as time goes on?

I received my last chemo on 8/18 and am scheduled for a CT scan next Tuesday to see if the treatments are working. I am not scheduled to see the oncologist until 9/8 and will definately talk to him about it then but, in the meantime I thought I'd check with all of you to see what your expepriences were.

Best wishes to all!


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Hi Sharon. Geesh...all sorts of weird things happen to our bodies while going through treatments. It is hard to keep up sometimes!! I don't have any experience with increased heart rate although I definitely developed high BP after first line treatment. Hopefully others will come along with some experience. Take good care


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I would guess YES chemo could have something to do with our BP and Pulse rate. I would also think it might be worth a CALL to your Onc's office and let them know this is going on and what THEY think. Your Onc Doc is the number one doc on your doctor's list at this time, and he/she should ALWAYS be informed of any changes. Chemo can effect the heart so nothing would surprise me. I'd make the phone call.

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