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I am home from Hospital...


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Hi all,

Well, I am finally home from the hospital... Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes!! I am on strict REST for 6 weeks... no work... nadda!!! My heart needs a chance to heal... For all of you requesting your Support Bracelets... I will have NOTHING but time on my hands so keep those orders coming!!! I have made a bunch to sell at the local Relay For Life next weekend (well, I can't sell them, but my daughter has offered to do it for me).... Check out my new website... I am very proud of it

ilovinglyremember.com. This project is helping me smile through the "scarey stuff" that has happened in the past week. Keep me in your prayers and please pass the website on to your friends and family. God Bless.... Love, Sharon

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I'm so glad your're home from the hospital, Sharon. But I just must admit :oops: ~ I had no idea that you were there or why. I went looking at past posts and guess I'm still missing it. But glad you are on the mend. Now get busy and get lots of bracelets done. They are beautiful. Really.....when did I miss it?


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I don't know why you were in the hospital , but I am glad to know that you are home. I feel I have missed something important somewhere. I would like to say that I love your new site and your bracelets. They are beautiful and I will order from you soon. Take care of yourself and keep us updated .. ok? We care.



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Sorry I have you all looking back to see "what happened"... I guess I never posted that I was in the hospital. Alot of folks from here knew I was due to the bracelet orders and I knew they were waiting for news.

I had some palpitations (for years), which I have mentioned to more than one doc on more than one occassion... (along with rapid heart rate)... I was always told... Oh, its just stress... take a xanax and relax... WELL... after 10 years of "Trying" to relax... I went into almost complete heart failure due to the stress put on my heart due to Atrial Fib untreated... I am now on dozens of pills... and God willing, in 6 weeks when my heart is stronger will have a cardiac ablation to fix the problem. The docs are hopeful my heart will heal (it was only working at 20% when I was admitted)... I was and still am scared... it was so totally unexpected.

So... if you could spare a prayer for an old friend, I sure would appreciate it... I have way too much living yet to do!!!!

Thanks to all of you for your concern. XXXX

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Oh Sharon! You made it sound like it was no big deal when you emailed me...shame on you! :) But seriously, I am very glad to see that you're on the mend. Best wishes and lots of prayers going to you. Everyone loves my bracelet and I give out the website addy every chance I get!


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