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Stayin' Alive


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Please join me in celebrating my one-year anniversary of survivorship since diagnosis today. This time last year I was in the hospital. It has been a year of struggles and triumphs but I am thrilled to have reached this milestone. During the year I have had tons of support from my family, friends and colleagues. And very importantly, support from this site and you good people who get it. I have found many close friends here and consider you all my extended family.

I like to party and figure this is a good excuse for one. So I am having a survivorship party called Stayin’ Alive. It will be a seventies disco theme, disco ball and all and proper attire suggested. It is on Saturday, Sept 13 as I have other social engagements before then. But that will give me time to prepare (although there is potluck involved) as I am expecting over 50 people. I am telling you guys as would be thrilled if any of you arrived at my door! Honestly.

However, my anniversary is today and I would ask for the bar to be opened please and that everyone join me in a toast to survivorship. As we say in Canada…”bottoms up”.

Yours in survival, fighting and a positive attitude


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Oh Sandra.........I am jsut thrilled for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Your party sounds like an absolute hoot and I will be there..............at least in spirit.

For now ~ come on over to the Pub. It's been lonely in here for quite some time. Being it's a holiday weekend here in the US, maybe lots of folks are away celebrating. Well, I'm HERE and whatever you want is on the house. I have my bellbottoms on and I've ironed my hair straight ~ get the 70's image :lol: ????


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Hey Sandra-

CONGRATS on one year and I will toast you at the bar to many, many, many more years!!!

I will join Kasey with a pair of bell bottom pants, straight hair and a pair of super big, black rimmed glasses!!! We will be dancing away to the Bee Gees!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Seriously - congratulations and you keep up the good work, girlfriend!!!

Hugs - patti

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As we say in Canada…”bottoms up”.

Sandra, I can assure you that "bottoms up" is not an exclusively Canadian saying. :P

And instead of doing a separate anniversary post, I'd like to just jump in and announce that this is my anniversary too! It was exactly TWO YEARS ago today that the thoracic surgeon came into my hospital room, sat down, and said, "You do have lung cancer, adenocarcinoma, and it doesn't look very good." While I can see one or two new clouds way out on the horizon, things still look a lot brighter than they did that first day of September back in 2006.

Hey, Sandra, here's an idea to really expand your September 13 party without adding to your bar bill. Get one of your tech-savvy friends to project your computer display onto a big screen, log into LCSC Chat (which is always "open"), and receive greetings and good wishes from across the globe!



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Well, congrats to you too, Ned!!!

Hey .....I have an idea.......we can load up the Keg Bus (with me driving, of course) and crash Sandra's party. Ned, you can FLY your plane over and we can make it a double anniversary party!!!

Wishing you both many, many, many more anniversaries!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Well Ned, I am honoured to be sharing my survivorship anniversary date with you my friend. Congrats and many more for you sir.

I like that you now get it that I would need a technically savvy friend to hook this website up to a projector. That would be cool though having you guys ring in. With my time zone I think everyone would be in bed though so you would need to be really entertaining!

I smiled yesterday when my favorite radio station declared the artist of the day as the Beegees...I couldn' t believe it. And yes they played Stayin Alive.


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Congratulations Sandra and Ned on those big anniversaries!!!! Have a great party Sandra but please remember you are living on an island. Wouldn't want to tip it over with that disco dancing.

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