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Funny Story From Oncologist

Yorktown Linda

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When I was getting my infusuion last Monday, my oncologist and I were trading jokes, some of them maybe dark given the situation.

Anyway, I said something about how much humor helps and how hard it must be for him to have a patient who doesn't have a sense of humor. He proceeded to tell me this story:

Several years ago he had a patient and she and her husband wanted to know about every possible side-effect before they began chemo. So my onc sat with them in his conference room for over an hour explaining everthing that, to his knowledge, could possibly go wrong. At the end, he added "Of course, you could leave here and get hit by a truck while crossing the street."

Wouldn't you know it, the patient was hit by a car while crossing the street the very next day. When my doc visited her in the hospital, she was very indignant, saying "But you said a truck!"

Onc swears this is a true story,


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