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I found us an ark!


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Well in that case Patti, I think we better take the slide out. Do you think Bueeyes was trying to get us out of there so she could take over the Ark ? LOL

Weekend was great. There were 2 deer hanging around my house all weekend. I think they were trying to get on the Ark first.

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Although a lot of good things can be said about the ark with the slide, I think I'd rather be on Randy's ark, hopefully with Randy piloting it. It looks a lot stronger than the little wood one. I do like the idea of being able to help troublemakers off the ark via the slide.

It seems as tho. Josephine is also forming, along with Ike and Hanna. This is becoming very, very stressful.

Hope y'all have a good day. [i'm from MN, so I have no idea how to spell the southern version of you all. Sorry.]


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I thought the slide looked like fun. :D But I guess ya'll don't want it! LOL (I don't know how to spell that word either. I just know how to say it!)

Randy's ark looked a little old. And I saw one of these yesterday as I was driving down the highway--so I found their website. Maybe I passed Bruce's farm??

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Maybe you did pass the farm Blue. LOL That could be the model and we are keeping the real Ark hidden. Hey Sandra, I know all about the cold water. I grew up near the cold Atlantic ocean not the warm Pacific where you are. LOL Or are you talking about all the rainwater you get ? LOL

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