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Taxotere and Fatigue


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My mom is receiving Taxotere every three weeks for lung cancer (adenocarcinoma, stage IV). I believe she has had 4 Taxotere treatments since the middle of June. With each treatment she has more side effects. The worst side effect is the fatigue. She is probably sleeping 18-20 hrs. a day.

She felt wonderful everyday prior to finding out the cancer was back. She worked every day and was very, very active.

Her doctor told her to take zinc. I don't believe it has really helped. Any suggestions?

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Hi blueangel. I don't have any suggestions because I haven't been on that drug. I have been on others that have caused me to crash and sleep though and that is really no way to try and live life while receiving treatment. Let's hope the treatments are working though. Hopefully others will drop by and tell us about their taxotere experiences. I hope your mom starts to be more alert soon.


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Hi BlueAngel-

I was on Taxotere for two cycles but it was along with Carbo and Avastin. Not too terribly much fatigue. I know there are others here - Don M. - who are on Taxotere alone so maybe they will be along and give you some suggestions.

I hope your mom does well despite the fatigue issues.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Blue Angel. I am having more fatigue too. I try to take short naps interspersed through the day. I try to be active for at least an hour. I go for short walks. I have heard of others taking ritalin to offset the fatigue. I am going to ask my oncologist about ritalin today.

Don M

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