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Need help with Liver Mets

Kerri Gottlieb

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I know I have read about liver mets on these boards.... someone will have an answer for you!!! My MIL was treated for liver cancer with brachytherapy... don't know if that is an option with liver mets, but it worked very well for her so it might be something to ask the onc. about. In the meantime, deep breaths.... I am praying for you. Love, Sharon

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Hi Kerri,

Tom like your mom is a stage IV NSCLC w/ lymph node involvement and he had a single met to the liver measuring 20mm x 21mm. Tom's is squamous cell and it is only in the right lung. After 7 rounds of carbo/taxol and 35 radiation tx to the chest he received a good scan. The liver met is now gone. They did say that if it was not that they may be able to do radio frequency ablation (RAF)to treat it. Well we don't have to think about that right now.

Tom just passed his 7 month anniversary from diagnosis.

Sending prayers and positive vibes that they can get your mom's mets under control.


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Mom's Oncologist @ Sloane called me back and told me that there are actually 2 spots, 2.5cm on the liver. He said they have had very good success with Tarceva and she will get another scan in 6 weeks. If they have not gotten smaller they will do RadioFrequency Ablation. He believes it will be more successful than the cyberknife. I feel a LOT better knowing that there's HOPE and this isn't catastrophic.

I really appreciate all the responses. Thanks for being there. It helps A LOT!!!

Mom is feeling great and I'll keep updating.

Thanks again!

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