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Anna's first day of school

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Here are some pictures of Anna's first day of Kindergarten! She did a great job... although, Mom had a hard time. :)


All Set to Go!


Russell had to get in on the action.


At School.


Waiting in line, that is her teacher, Mrs. Cook holding the sign.


Getting a little sad.. Mom had to walk away.


Turning one last time to wave good-bye.

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Shelli - those pictures are so sweet - I hope you didn't stay sad all day! Now you have to take a picture every year on the same spot on the first day - it is a hoot to look back at them all 13 years later - after begging me for certain first day of school outfits - now my kids ask how I could ever have dressed them like that!

I hope she had a wonderful day


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Oh I remember the first day of school (actually it was more like first day away from me, first day at church daycare, first day in preschool, then the actual first day of school) each one made me tear up and feel so wobbly inside...

Now my first baby is almost 11!

I go thru it all again next year when my little girl turns 5....

I'm already dreading when they leave home for college....I can almost give myself an anxiety attack when I think about it!!!!!!!

These are the cutest pics...she looks happy and ready for school- So so cute, with the support of her little brother too! love it! Thank you for sharing!!

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