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Check-up time this Friday

Guest hearrean

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Guest hearrean

Well, it's that time again. I go back to MDA-Houston this Friday (9/5) to have all my tests re-done; Chest X-Ray, Blood work, MRI Brain Scan & PET Scan. I will then return to MDA the following Monday 9/8 to see the Onc for the results.

I am hoping & praying that everything is still holding good since my last CT in June which showed the cancer cells had been killed & no cancer present.

You know, it's funny; maybe some of you have experienced this. All in all I have been feeling great! However every now & then I feel like I'm getting a pain in a certain part of my body (mostly right side mid back) & my mind plays tricks like, the cancer has come back or there's a liver met, etc. I seem to be focused on that all the time in anticipation of these upcoming test results.

Anyway, I would appreciate any prayers you can send up that my results will be good.

FYI: This coming October will be 1 year since my diagnosis.

Thanks so much,


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Ken -

Sending out lots of prayers and positive vibes for you to ROCK those scans!!!! Isn't it amazing how every ache and pain scares the hell out of us now????? Every time I complain about a new pain to my doc, he smiles and says - you are HOW old now?? LOL!!

Please keep us posted - will be looking in the good news forum for your results!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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My next CT is in a couple weeks (at MDA-Orlando) and I'm starting to have odd aches and pains that just must be cancer. It happens whenever I'm approaching CT time. I just have the feeling that one of these times it's going to be something.

Good luck, Ken. We're both probably just fine.


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