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need some suggestions


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We are seeing the pulmonary doctor for the first time tomorrow.....Husband's cat scan revealed mass and enlarged lymph nodes.....He has severe back pain as well....he has a terrible cough and when he coughts the pain is unbearable....Does anyone have suggestions for OTC medications that help the cough. The hospital gave him percocet for the pain, but the cough and hoarseness are making him so uncomfortable...he won't eat or drink because that makes him cough....He is a young 62.......I wondered about Mucinex

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Hi Linda

My step dad had a very similar issue with the cough. His doctor actually recommended Mucinex and it did help some.

My other suggestion would be Robitussin CF. Not sure how well that will work but could be worth a try..

Keep us posted and know I am sending thoughts and prayers for the appointment tomorrow..



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